About this website

An HCL Notes/Domino ® development for ourselves.

This website was built using a design template which was modified by an associate of ours, Clive Walker of CVW Design in Horsham who are designers and developers of standard HTML/CSS websites.

Clive took the original design, modified it to our requirements and then handed it over in the form of a couple of example pages, a CSS file and some example images.

We have then cut up the website HTML into various segments and created a Notes & Web side application using HCL Notes/Domino ® 

It is a bit like a Wordpress site in that all the page creation and editing is done via the browser but it is massively more secure and has the added benefit of having a client side application which makes quick edits really simple.

This is what the online editor looks like


and this is what the client side editor looks like



HCL Notes/Domino® Development

With over 20 years experience we specialise in HCL Notes/Domino ® development whether it is client based, web based or XPages.

3CX Phone Systems

A fully featured phone system set up for your business by Double 6 at a fraction of the cost you may pay elsewhere.

HCL Notes/Domino®

HCL Notes/Domino®

We have been working with HCL Notes/Domino® since the mid 90s.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We have our own Virtual Private Cloud of servers at AWS and can offer specialist hosting solutions for all sorts of projects as well as Virtual Server setup, configuration and ongoing management if required.

Microsoft 365®

Microsoft 365®

Your productivity cloud across work and life

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Learn what this means for you.

We offer the same pricing as Microsoft® and with our low cost set-up service and ongoing support options.

Email Hosting

Email Hosting

We don't just do Notes stuff. We also provide a whole host of email options.